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Graphist designer for marketing & 3D real time environments / graphiste

Industry: Aérospatial

Position: Graphist Designer 3D


Duration: 6

In an environment of varied markets (government, commercial, military, satcom, earth observation...) and multitask projects with different teams, the task would consist to create 2D & 3D content for marketing and modelisations for virtual worlds software applications.

Starting from concepts given by the team, the graphist will present several drafts quickly to the team to choose the best one. He must then realise the whole production (poster, flyer, 3D content, elements of graphical user interface...), respecting corporate guidelines and the constraints of the Astrium brand.
If needed, the graphist will also have in charge the relation with the printer team, to deliver the final product to the team. They will also bring an expert point of view over the state-of-the-art rendering technologies including shaders for real time 3D applications.


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